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Clinic Psoriasis

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Psorcure Treatment plan is the only comprehensive plan which controls Causes, Triggers and Conditions together to treat Psoriasis. Special Plans are available for Scalp Psoriasis and Psoriasis Arthritis. Psorcure Treatment Plan with integrated approach also treat tough and hard patients. Read more in information section.

Doctor Profile

Dr Shailender Dhawan has specialization in Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate, Pustular, Plaque, Psoriatic arthritis, and other diseases where hyperkeratosis takes place


Psoriasis Free Life

Psoriasis is a challenge for medical community. It is considered a genetic disease and is an autoimmune disorder.A very detailed description is available in ayurvedic texts about this disease. This disease is described as AKK kushta in Ayurveda, where fish like scales appear on the skin.Ayurvedic theory agrees with Modern theory of autoimmune origin, stress and effects of climatic changes on Psoriasis. But in Ayurvedic texts we also see a very detailed reasoning with regard to Triggers of Psoriasis.